During the past couple of decades I've been lucky enough to work with some amazing indie developers on extremely cool projects, ranging from small apps & games to adaptations of classics from the Fighting Fantasy franchise, and super secret projects for UFC and Disney/ABC.

I'm Melbourne based, but have been able to work with developers from all over the world

"Tin Man Games has hired Elroy for a number of projects over the years. He has always delivered artwork to a very high quality and has always been quick to make changes after feedback. As well as all of this he’s a genuinely nice fella’ too."

Neil Rennison (Tinman Games)


What follows is a collection of my work, both professional and personal, from over the past few years. While what is posted here is a good indication of my personal style, it should not be seen as the limitation of my abilities. I am always open to trying new styles and techniques to create art that is appropriate for the given project.

"Elroy has a great mix of art, UI, UX, and playful sensibilities that make him a valuable and delightful team member."

Christy Dena (Universe Creation 101)


If you think my work would suit your project and you're interested in working together then please contact me. I'm available to design small individual elements to compliment existing work, or I can create an entire suite of digital artifacts to form a complete aesthetic for your project's user interface

I'm also a podcast producer, writer, and 2d animator... but that's a whole other website!